Tuesday, July 30, 2013


My cousin invited me to go to a Real Salt Lake game with him and we have previously discussed my Real game experiences and there is really nothing else too exciting to say about the game, except that the ref was horrendous.

But the most exciting part of the game is that I got to hang out with their dog before. Now you might not know me at all but I am obsessed with dogs. Like I want one so bad! Every time I see someone with their dog I just get way jealous and usually mad at the person because they have a dog and I don't.

But not my cousins because their dog is perfect.

This is Blueberry. And she likes to hug my arm.

Don't you just love her already???

She has the best personality and one time I took her on a walk and learned that she is the perfect dog for running with. Like seriously, she runs at the perfect pace for me. I will have to keep that in mind if I ever start being a good runner.

Blueberry likes/hates this game.

This is me trapping her in between my legs and seeing if she can get away. It was fun for me for approximately .2 seconds before I realized that dogs are way stronger than me and also have claws.

You can imagine how that ended.

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