Monday, July 8, 2013


I really really like the 4th of July. I think it is a splendid holiday.

Mine started off with a neighborhood breakfast with my extended family. 

I think these socks say a lot about my family...

And I think these babies show that my family is the cutest.

After the breakfast we went to the Holladay City Criterion. AKA a bike race where the people just go around a short course a million times.

Its pretty cool how our group made up 80% of the people there. Oh well. 

While it looks like everyone is having a super enjoyable time watching I needed some action. So Doug taught me how to skateboard!

You might be thinking, "wow anna, you look really good at skateboarding" But this next picture would prove otherwise.

Yes I ran into a child and used a flag to stabilize myself. 

But I got a pretty good instagram out of it so that is all that really matters.

Swimming and lunch happened after the race but I am pretty sure you all know what that is.

That night we had a lovely barbque and the guys got right down to business.

Yes we do fireworks from Wyoming and we use a Rockstar bottle to make makeshift bottle rocket launchers. 

You might be jealous that you are not as cool as us. 

Also we are super cool and lazy so we didn't even go to the firework place. We just walked to the closest open space (aka the elementary school) and hoped the trees wouldn't block our view. 

They didn't.


I hope that your holiday and weekend was as wonderful as mine! Happy Birthday America!!!

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