Thursday, June 13, 2013


Guys, sometimes I just have days that I think are really fun.

Saturday was one of those days.

(So sue me, I am doing another weekend update on a thursday. Don't be mad)

My dad made me get up early which was no fun and do yard work which was also not fun. But (someone please remember this because I will never say it again) it actually felt kind of good to do some hard work. I also helped clean the church and for some reason that is always my favorite kind of service to do. Sign me up every week! 

(Wait, don't actually sign me up for every week. That is a little too much)

Anyways. I had lunch with Wesley and we know that is always a good time. Halfway through our lunch I said "Wes! I want to get a fish!!!" And it was decided that we were headed to the pet store that moment.

At Petco I found the perfect fish for me. Literally perfect little baby fish that I love. I even named them Othello and Desdemona cause are there even any other appropriate names on the earth?

When I went to go ask the guy help me get the fish he said "Oh we actually can't sell any of those because some of the fish had an infection"

What the heck???? You are a pet store that doesn't sell any fish???? What is this life?????

I was distraught so we went to another pet store. Sadly I didn't connect with any of those fish and I just gave up. But we did see some other pretty cool animals.

Love me some lizards.

Also, me and Wesley named that lizard Milo and then tried to buy him but the store wouldn't sell him because he was their pet. So then Wesley started talking in a lizard voice. It was all very normal.

I went to the J crew outlets cause they were having a super awesome sale but I didn't buy anything because nothing was really speaking to me. And someone keeps me in the store too long and talks me out of my purchases. 

Since the outlets were such a disappointment I had to go see my Lauren. It doesn't hurt that she is leaving on her mission on wednesday. Oh wait, that does hurt my heart more than anything. But more on that later.

I frosted approximately one million cookies but it was worth it because I got to be with my sweet Lauren and I got to eat about 15 cookies. 


Lovely lovely day. I hope that you wanted to read a super boring post about my day. 

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