Monday, June 3, 2013


Guys, do not be confused. The title of this post is not about being real it is about Real Madrid.

Ok, no its not. It is about Real Salt Lake. 

Which is kind of fun, but definitely not as fun as Real Madrid. At least RSL can offer me churros. 

And churros are the way to my heart.

So wait, have you figured out that I went to a soccer game last week?

You also might be thinking, "wait, it was raining all week and it was raining especially hard on tuesday night so if you went to a soccer game you must have been a really dedicated fan"

And you would be correct. It was raining really hard on tuesday. And I spent two hours in that pouring rain. 

That is dedication. 

But when something involves me being this close to Kyle Beckerman I will suffer through just about anything.

Oh how I love those dredlocks. 

Despite the torrential rain I had a great time at the soccer game. And Real won. And I got to say Hala Madrid.

And Wesley sent a #snapchatfordumbphones that looked like this

So I am a happy camper.

(but if I had been camping and it was raining like that I would be a really angry camper.)

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