Monday, June 17, 2013


Let's just be honest here, I did not really finish my May goal. 

My dad had to borrow my camera on like the 25th and it all just went downhill from there. But I am proud of how I did. I think I got a lot more comfortable with my camera and I really loved documenting my life more. 

This will definitely make me document my life more but I don't plan on taking pictures every day.

Now onto June,

No fast food or soda. I have defined fast food as a restaurant with a drive through. I think that is fair.

Thus far I am rocking it at not eating fast food. I don't think I have even eaten out at all. And twice I bought the kids I was babysitting Wendy's and didn't have so much as a fry. 


I thought this would be so hard but really it is only hard if the food is in your possession. Avoiding the restaurants is not too hard. Hopefully I can keep it up! 

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