Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Hooray for my birthday!!!

In the morning I had planned to go to World Refugee Day. I was just going to go by myself but Andrew was going too so we made an event of it. I was happy to hang out with Andrew cause I hadn't seen him in a little while. 

Then it was time to go swimming. And for some reason I feel it is cool to post a picture of myself in a swimming suit...

The girls were much better at the tricks than I was. And Miles was good at just sitting there and being cute

That night we went to dinner at Ginza with the Larsens and the Holcombs. It was amazing. So so good. I can never get enough sushi. I posted a vine about it....cause I still use vine...

Then it was time to party!

For some reason I look really surprised that Andrew is bringing me a cake...when I obviously provided the cake. Gotta be surprised about something

My mom made this cake!!! Isn't it lovely?? And let me tell you, it tasted even better than it looked.

Laurel and Andrew were in charge of the camera and they took approximately 1 million pictures. So I will just post the embarrassing ones of them and the one that accurately displays the expression I have 90% of the time

To end the night we had the really good idea of lighting lanterns that float away, like in Tangled

They were a lot harder than we expected and we were only able to let one go. It was too windy and I was too scared we would burn someones house down.

But still a fun idea.

My birthday was FABULOUS and I so grateful to everyone that helped me to celebrate. You are the best!!!

Here is to being 21!!

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  1. I've ALWAYS wanted to do those Tangled lanterns! But I've also heard they can be trickier than you think.

    Happy birthday! I'm glad it was a great one!