Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birthday Week.

Now if you know me at all then you will know I am kind of a sucker for attention. Like sometimes I just have  to have it. And the week of my birthday is no exception. 

Starting on Sunday I made sure every one knew it was my birthday this week and hence #birthdayweek was created. 


Pretty low key as far as birthday week goes. I got to play with my sweet little avery and there is nothing better than that.


What else do people do on Mondays besides watch The Bachelorette?? 

And yell at Mikey and tell him to go home??

Oh and I went the craft store to get some supplies for my latest project. But there will be more on that later.


Casual bike rides are really the only acceptable option for a random afternoon activity.

But maybe don't go in the middle of the afternoon on a 97 degree day...

Oh and I watched two sporting events and ate Cafe Rio. Birthday week has a strict menu of only things that I love.


Breakfast with Wes is always a good way to start the day. We were kind of dull this morning but he said he was coming to my party so I am not mad!

More time spent at the craft store and actually starting my project.

And dinner with the amazing Rachel. Yum!


Well as soon as Austin sent me this text on Wednesday I knew this day was going to be the bomb.com

He showed up with these envelopes

So obviously we went thrift shopping and sadly did not find anything but there was still more to the adventure.

He took me to the flower shop his sister works at and he let me pick these out. They are still filling my house with some lovely color.

Last but not least we went to IHOP. Austin thought the jelly donut pancakes sounded like something I would like and he wasn't wrong.

He is literally the best. Even though he decided to ditch me on my real birthday he more than made up for it with that lovely adventure. 

I ate second dinner with the spectacular Becca, Ellie, and Tiffany. And I got free pie!!

Nothing is better than free pie.


Was obviously my sweet Maisie's birthday.

First let me clarify by saying that Maisie is my sister not my child. Apparently there was some confusion about that...?

Anyways we had a lovely day celebrating this little duck. She brings our family so much happiness I think we might be depressed if she had never joined our family. 

And finally....

It was my birthday!!!!!!

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  1. Wait, you have a daughter?! Who is SIX YEARS old?