Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As I have told you like a million times, Brooke got married over the weekend. I can not get over the fact that she is married. So so weird.

They got sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple. It is one of the most unique and beautiful temples I have ever seen.

Could she have looked any more beautiful???

After the pictures and everything we were starving so some of us went to go get tacos. And of course if the largest Fanta ever is available I will be buying it.

After an afternoon of running errands and setting up it was time for the reception! It was in their lovely backyard and it was one of the most amazing receptions I have ever been to.

The lights were so amazing. And when it got darker it was magical. 
(Wow I sound cheesy, but really there is no other way to describe it)

The bouquets were also amazing. Although you wouldn't guess it from my face...

Let me tell you about the best part of the wedding. There was a magican! You might be thinking that is weird and I definitely thought it was weird until he came to our table and did some tricks. Usually magicans tricks are like pretty obvious but this guy was serious magic. There are no other words to describe it. 

And now lets look at how awkward me and Brooke are. You might think we don't even like each other.

But we got it done in the end. 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and her wedding was to die for. 

Oh, and I think Kimi had a good time too...

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