Friday, May 31, 2013


I am overly sensitive.

I don't like to act like it because I don't want everyone to know how much of an effect they have on me. I try to be tough and make things a joke all the time so that people can't see how tender my soul is. 

I get hurt easily. 

I carry my feelings right on the surface and that makes them very vulnerable to being trampled on by unsuspecting people. 

This sensitivity is something I really dislike. I wish that I could just float through life and let things roll of my back. I wish I had tougher skin. I wish I could let go and not care. 

But I care and I get hurt. 

There is nothing I can do to change these things but sometimes you just have to put it out in the world and admit that you are human. 

Admit that everything is not always peachy and happy. 

Admit that we all have feelings and sometimes they get hurt.

So here I am saying that I have emotions and I have a lot of them. They are easily bruised and sometimes those bruises take a long time to heal. Seemingly silly things can have a really big impact on me. It may not seem important to you but it is important to me.

And that is ok.