Thursday, May 2, 2013


Last Saturday was probably the most productive I have ever been in my whole life. 

I woke up and went running, went to a service activity, went to the car wash, and while I was in the car wash Austin called and I knew the adventures had just begun.

He was like "Hey! Lets go to J crew cause everything it 50% off." If you know me then you know I will never say no to a sale at J crew. So we hurried off to the outlets and I got the cutest shorts ever!

Then he had to take some model shots of his brother. I am pretty sure he only invited me shopping with him so that he wouldn't feel bad when he borrowed my camera to take these pictures. Oh well.

I wish this picture could express how much Garrett was hating having these pictures taken. It was pretty hilarious.

Then it was my turn. I forced Austin to come to Patrick and Hannah's open house with me.

What a cute couple. They actually just got married yesterday so congrats!

They met while we were all on study abroad. How crazy is that? #halamadrid!

Oh and did I mention the best part about their wedding? 


I was so glad Austin came with me cause he obviously had a good time jumping on the tramps and he made us dance even though no one else was dancing. Super embarrassing but also super fun!

The last part of the day was probably the most random. While I was driving Austin home he said "So how well do you know Miss Cannon" (Our 10th grade English teacher). I said I knew her fairly well and he said "Good! We are going to visit her right now!"

You might think that was super weird but it was totally normal for us. We stopped by her house, she fed us ice cream, showed us her cute little girls, and gave us some pretty good life advice.

All in all, I would say it was a lovely day. And maybe it was just perfect because we had three servings of dessert. Yolo.

Does anyone else have days that are just perfection from start to finish?

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