Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day.

Usually Memorial Day weekend is just like any other weekend for me but this past weekend was perfection.

(But lets be honest, no one cares about these recap posts but me)

It started with lunch on Friday with my favorite little Annie. She is like too good for words.

We had the best conversation. I really missed this girl!
Plus she said she reads the blog so that automatically makes her a winner!

Then I went shopping with Lauren. She is leaving on her mission on June 12th and it is like a little too much for me. As evidenced by the fact that this is an outfit I tried on...

Too much floral? Too much doing weird things with my toes?

Lauren was only buying clothes for her mission and I was basically having a panic attack the whole time. She can't leave me!!

That night I got frozen yogurt and watching Silver Linings Playbook with Rachel. That movie is too good.

Saturday consisted of furniture shopping with Austin and his mom.

This is what happens when me and Austin spend time together...

We went to the movie "42" and it was AMAZING. I don't even like baseball and I loved it. Everyone should go see it.

Following the movie we took a little road trip...

Dressed like this...

We went to his cabin and scared his sister on her date. Ya we are cool college students that have cool lives. 

But seriously, scaring people is way fun.

On Monday I watched The Bachelorette...but that is for its own post. 

Hope your weekend/week/upcoming weekend is just as great!

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