Thursday, May 9, 2013


My goal for May is to take a picture with my camera every day. Now let me say that I already messed up. On the 3rd I was at Brooke's wedding and I was carrying her camera around all day so I couldn't take any pictures with my own. But I took a lot on her camera. So that counts right?

So here are the pictures I have taken thus far. And keep in mind, at the first of the month  I was trying to finish up finals and go on a trip. So the pictures are not very good.


I just wanted to show and example of what my life looked like for those few days. The way my room looks is a good example of how my brain felt.


Finally some sun!


Having some good times in the Phoenix airport.


Spent my afternoon writing letters to my favorite missionaries


Being a supportive sister


Playing in the rain!


I would say it is going pretty good thus far?


  1. oh my!!! i totally want to do this!! maybe i will start in July considering it is already a week into May. But really, this is brilliant and i sooo want to do this!!

  2. that is such a good goal! love forces you to use your nice camera, and record snapshots of your daily life. so great! love the blog! XO
    the well-traveled wife