Friday, May 31, 2013


I am overly sensitive.

I don't like to act like it because I don't want everyone to know how much of an effect they have on me. I try to be tough and make things a joke all the time so that people can't see how tender my soul is. 

I get hurt easily. 

I carry my feelings right on the surface and that makes them very vulnerable to being trampled on by unsuspecting people. 

This sensitivity is something I really dislike. I wish that I could just float through life and let things roll of my back. I wish I had tougher skin. I wish I could let go and not care. 

But I care and I get hurt. 

There is nothing I can do to change these things but sometimes you just have to put it out in the world and admit that you are human. 

Admit that everything is not always peachy and happy. 

Admit that we all have feelings and sometimes they get hurt.

So here I am saying that I have emotions and I have a lot of them. They are easily bruised and sometimes those bruises take a long time to heal. Seemingly silly things can have a really big impact on me. It may not seem important to you but it is important to me.

And that is ok.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day.

Usually Memorial Day weekend is just like any other weekend for me but this past weekend was perfection.

(But lets be honest, no one cares about these recap posts but me)

It started with lunch on Friday with my favorite little Annie. She is like too good for words.

We had the best conversation. I really missed this girl!
Plus she said she reads the blog so that automatically makes her a winner!

Then I went shopping with Lauren. She is leaving on her mission on June 12th and it is like a little too much for me. As evidenced by the fact that this is an outfit I tried on...

Too much floral? Too much doing weird things with my toes?

Lauren was only buying clothes for her mission and I was basically having a panic attack the whole time. She can't leave me!!

That night I got frozen yogurt and watching Silver Linings Playbook with Rachel. That movie is too good.

Saturday consisted of furniture shopping with Austin and his mom.

This is what happens when me and Austin spend time together...

We went to the movie "42" and it was AMAZING. I don't even like baseball and I loved it. Everyone should go see it.

Following the movie we took a little road trip...

Dressed like this...

We went to his cabin and scared his sister on her date. Ya we are cool college students that have cool lives. 

But seriously, scaring people is way fun.

On Monday I watched The Bachelorette...but that is for its own post. 

Hope your weekend/week/upcoming weekend is just as great!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Ok I have a few things I want to post about that are actually important but this could not wait.

Do you guys know about Beyonce?

Dumb question.

OF COURSE you know about her. 

But I am OBSESSED. I have listened to nothing but Beyonce for the past few days. So I am just telling you guys to listen to her too.

Also, I had a really good weekend and I will probably tell you about it. 

(yes I am aware that it is Wednesday so the time for a weekend recap has passed but this is my blog and I do what I want. #yolo)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 2.

Here are some more of my "photo a day" project



This is me getting ready for andrew and laurel's wedding. For some reason I thought that pictures looked cute?


Bored at Henry's basketball game


This kid melts my heart right into a puddle.


I know this picture might be horrible overexposed but there is something about it that I really like.


Weird how I always seem to just take the exact same picture of different trees...?


I was so exhausted on the 15th: that I could barely put forth the effort to take this picture. I never said that pictures had to be good...



I wish the focus wasn't off. Taft, Wes, and I went to breakfast and I made them do a photo shoot. They thought I was super weird.





We like to play with dry ice around these parts.

I am realizing that this is actually really hard. Taking a picture every day takes a lot of work. And most of the time I forget about it and end up having to scramble and take them at like 7 before the sun goes down. But I really love documenting more of my life.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I saw The Great Gatsby last week and I have a lot of thoughts about it but those will have to wait for another day. Right now I just can not stop listening to this song. 

Best part about the movie.

Monday, May 20, 2013


So I have this friend. His name is Wesley. 

He is the writer that I wish I was. The things he writes just hit me. And move me in a way not many other authors do. I don't know if it because I know how spectacular of a person he is or because his writing is just the most amazing thing. 

He is also one of the funniest people to live on this earth. When we get together it gets a little out of hand.  He also told me that I should start making videos for the blog cause they way I talk is funnier than the way I write. So maybe we will be seeing videos in the future?  

(do we think videos are a good idea?)

Wes, I think you are one of the most talented people I have ever known in my life. And I am really exciting for this next adventure you are about to go on. 

You can read some of the things he writes here. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Friday, May 17, 2013


My favorite little Ivy is back in London for another study abroad. There are no words that can adequately express my level of jealousy.

I would give anything to go to London with her. First of all I want to be there because I love London but secondly this picture is the last time that I will see Ivy until the fall!

Is that not the most terrible thing you have ever heard?

I am slowly sinking into a depression.

Since this is such a depressing tale, I have an idea! Lets start a fund called "Send Anna back to London fund"!!!

Who wants to be the first to donate???

Also, read her blog if you want to be jealous of all the things she is doing.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


I think that this past Tuesday was the perfect day. The weather was heavenly. I got to play with one of the cutest little boys I have ever seen. And I got to see my best friend after two long years. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to hang out with that kid?

Taft is literally the best human on this earth. I am so so blessed to have him as my cousin and so excited that he is back from serving his mission. Japan will surely miss him but I could not be happier.

Also, these are his scriptures.... #whatthe. 

The whole family got together to see Taft and the night literally could not have been more beautiful.

Don't you just die over the cuteness? He kept running around giving high fives and then decided it would be fun to high five me in the face. Luckily he is cute...

This baby is literally the most precious thing on the earth. I seriously consider kidnapping her every time I see her. But her parents know where I live and I have no way to feed her.

Wow maybe he should have skipped his mission to be a model....or maybe not...

 And the day ended with the perfect sunset. Seriously, I could not be happier.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Now let me just tell you, I have a problem. 

This is my problem

Yes there is a real human on the earth that looks like that. 

And don't even get me started on his soccer skills. 

Are you dying yet?

Ivy and I LOVE Real Madrid. Like 90% of the things we talk about are Real Madrid related. It really gets out hand sometimes. But not right now, because Sergio is looking like that and I just can not even handle it.

I have realized that my future husband has a lot to live up to if he has to compete with Sergio. So maybe I should stop obsessing over him....but I probably won't

So, if you ever want to talk about soccer, or just talk about how good Sergio looks in that know where to find me.

Oh and guess what....Taft gets home today!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

That is definitely not a problem.

Monday, May 13, 2013


Spring has finally sprung!  And I am overjoyed about it!!! 

They say you can tell what people love by what they photograph. So apparently I love springy things right now!

And poultry bags....

I hope spring is making you as happy as it is making me!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Andrew and Laurel

Today these two kids are getting married.

Don't they look so happy to be in love???

These people are probably in my top five favorite people on the earth. I have a literal obsession with them. I am a little sad that they are getting married and leaving me to hang out alone but Laurel said she would give me a key to their house so I am not worried. Ha!

Anyways, Andrew and Laurel, you are the probably the best couple I have ever met. You are so amazing and I am so grateful to have you in my life and I am so happy that you found each other. Cause lets be honest, no one else would be able to marry either of you freaks. I hope you have the best day!

And I am so glad you finally got around to getting me and invitation to your wedding....

(Also, do you guys think I have been to enough weddings lately? It is really getting out of hand and I have atleast two more this summer. Ugh.)

Thursday, May 9, 2013


My goal for May is to take a picture with my camera every day. Now let me say that I already messed up. On the 3rd I was at Brooke's wedding and I was carrying her camera around all day so I couldn't take any pictures with my own. But I took a lot on her camera. So that counts right?

So here are the pictures I have taken thus far. And keep in mind, at the first of the month  I was trying to finish up finals and go on a trip. So the pictures are not very good.


I just wanted to show and example of what my life looked like for those few days. The way my room looks is a good example of how my brain felt.


Finally some sun!


Having some good times in the Phoenix airport.


Spent my afternoon writing letters to my favorite missionaries


Being a supportive sister


Playing in the rain!


I would say it is going pretty good thus far?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


My goal for April was to not read any celeb news. And if you know me then you know how hard that was for me. 

Dang, it was hard. Way harder than I thought it was going to be. And honestly, I do not think I really gained one thing from not looking. I just found other not useful things to do with my time. I probably should have been more productive with my extra time but I just spent most of it crying over all the celeb news I was missing out on....kidding... kind of.

But since I missed all of April I had a lot to catch up on. 

Yes there are five People magazines on my bed. Don't judge me! We all have flaws!

Oh and have you guys seen Kate's baby bump? Is it not the cutest thing on this earth??? I can not believe I missed a whole month of it!

I am officially on Royal Baby Watch. Feel free to join me.

And I will never be avoiding celebrity news again. I am in too deep.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


As I have told you like a million times, Brooke got married over the weekend. I can not get over the fact that she is married. So so weird.

They got sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple. It is one of the most unique and beautiful temples I have ever seen.

Could she have looked any more beautiful???

After the pictures and everything we were starving so some of us went to go get tacos. And of course if the largest Fanta ever is available I will be buying it.

After an afternoon of running errands and setting up it was time for the reception! It was in their lovely backyard and it was one of the most amazing receptions I have ever been to.

The lights were so amazing. And when it got darker it was magical. 
(Wow I sound cheesy, but really there is no other way to describe it)

The bouquets were also amazing. Although you wouldn't guess it from my face...

Let me tell you about the best part of the wedding. There was a magican! You might be thinking that is weird and I definitely thought it was weird until he came to our table and did some tricks. Usually magicans tricks are like pretty obvious but this guy was serious magic. There are no other words to describe it. 

And now lets look at how awkward me and Brooke are. You might think we don't even like each other.

But we got it done in the end. 

All in all it was a wonderful weekend and her wedding was to die for. 

Oh, and I think Kimi had a good time too...