Monday, April 1, 2013


Is it just me or was March the longest month ever???

Facebook has missed me.

I was so so happy for April 1st to come.

But at the same time I was kind of sad about it. I liked not having Facebook as a constant distraction for me, but I definitely realized the huge benefit that Facebook has. Luckily my friends knew I wouldn't be checking my Facebook so they purposefully invited me to things that they had sent out the invitations to on Facebook. I think this was actually a really helpful thing for me because it helped me to realize that I don't NEED Facebook but that it does have some good benefits.

And let me just say I will never go off Facebook again because Ivy posted literally every picture of Ian Somerhalder ever on my timeline and if you know me then you know he is the vein of my existence

(ps. I know that it is bane of my existence. Its just an inside joke...)

Oh and it is someone's birthday today (you know who you are) and I just want to test them and see if they actually read the blog. So if you are reading then you better tell me that you read this. 

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