Monday, April 8, 2013

Fancy Friday

Sometimes I have the funnest friends.

Me and Austin planned to go play tennis but our plans kept getting delayed and then finally he said "lets just dress up fancy and go to dinner!"

Thus Fancy Friday was born.

You know I am always down for fancy dress. You also know I was very serious about this cause I wore lipstick and high heels. What???

Don't we just look smashing?

The food didn't look too bad either.

It was so fun to just be dressed super fancy. We also tried to act fancy but if you know me and Austin then you know we are not very fancy at all and maybe we say yolo every other word (and by we I mean me)

We still had a lovely time. Everyone should have a fancy friday. 

Just put on your highest heels and off you go!

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  1. this is brilliant! hahaha i love it. i want to have a Fancy Friday