Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ok, let me ask you all something. Did you think it was possible to cry over a pin on pintrest? 

And not even like a sentimental or emotional pin. A pin of food.

This pin to be exact.

Now it wouldn't be that weird for me to cry over food. Cause food is dang good. But this had nothing to do with the food.

This was pinned by my best friend in the world. And as soon as I saw it I thought "oh! Me and Lauren should definitely make this! We should spend like all summer making yummy food." And then I remembered that Lauren is going on a mission.

And I burst into tears. 

I called her right away and told her the situation and then she said "oh I totally understand, I was crying too. And by the way I am leaving on June 12th instead of the 26th"

That just pushed me right over the edge. 

I know that she is making the right choice but why does it have to be so hard??? Why does she have to leave me? Why does it have to feel like this?

I already miss her. 

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