Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This weekend was General Conference for the LDS church.

General Conference is when the leaders of our church prepare talks and then share them with the whole church on topics they have been inspired to share to help the members of the church.

It is really wonderful to be able to hear from these inspired men and women and learn what they would have us do. 

Usually I just watch at home with my family but I was able to go down to the conference center this year with my friend and her family. 

I LOVE going to conference. It is really nice to be dressed up and to be in the presence of the prophet. the spirit is just so strong. 

I was especially lucky because I got to go to the Saturday Afternoon session which is where they ask the congregation for their sustaining vote for the general authorities. I have never been able to physically raise my hand while in the presence of the prophet and sustain him as my leader. I feel so so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

I am so blessed to have this chance to attend conference and to hear these talks that are going to be so helpful in my life. 

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