Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bridal shower

So I have this friend. Her name is Brooke. She is very rude and decided to get married. 

Apparently that is something people do? 

But she had a bridal shower and lets just say it was the bomb diggity. 

(yes I just said bomb diggity)

Aren't we just the cutest? 

I am OBSESSED with this girl and truly I can not wait for her wedding. She let me go wedding dress shopping with her and let me tell you, her dress is out of this world. It is fabulous. 

Brookie, I am so happy for you and Justin. You are going to make a lovely bride and an amazing wife. You're the best!!!

Your ring is also the best and probably looks better on my hand. #sorrynotsorry

Love you Brooke!


  1. Hahahah you are the worst. And also the absolute best, obviously. I love ya so stinkin' much and am so honored to get my own blog post. SO SO HAPPY you're coming to my wedding Anna babe! Love you!!

  2. What a gorgeous ring!!! I agree with you, though, it's rude for people to get married. ;-) (I guess I'm pretty stinking rude!) Haha.

  3. it really is so rude for friends to get married. who does that?? that ring is beyond amazing!

    p.s- i nominated your lovely blog for the liebster award :) for more info just go on over to my blog.