Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The other day I woke up and I was like "when will my life begin?"

Ok. I didn't actually say it or think about it in that exact way but as soon as I posed the question to myself I could not get this song out of my head.

Like for serious, when will my life begin?

But then I realized that it obviously is happening right now. I guess I just had a different plan for myself by now. But just because my plan isn't working out doesn't mean that my life hasn't begun. Right?

As I was really thinking about this question I went babysitting at a house I had never been to before. First of all, let me say it is the most amazing house ever. They have a slide inside!!! But as I was exploring the house (babysitters, don't lie, you do this too) I came across the best quote in one of the bathrooms

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life"

Oh mylanta! Have truer words ever been spoken? This is my life RIGHT NOW!!!

So I guess I better start seizing it.

(That post probably made no sense to anyone but me. So you can just read it and move on with life haha)

Monday, April 29, 2013


I have some really fun friends. As you can tell from this picture...

I think they were just hungry based on their reactions in the next picture.

Kimi, Ivy, and I went to eat at Trio and it was too good for any description. I am all about pizza and this one was great. 

The combination of Ivy and Kimi is probably my favorite thing on this earth. I wish everyone could hear their conversations. I basically don't even participate. 

Which sounds like a bad thing but really it is more entertaining than trying to add to the conversation. 

Oh and here is close up of Kimi's face. Just for good measure.

Friday, April 26, 2013


Fridays are for my favorite things and Eliza is my favorite thing.

I have posted about my lovely Eliza Kaye Handley before but I need to post again. 

She left on her mission on wednesday and I have yet to accept it. 

Eliza is one of the best friends you could ever ask for. If you are ever having a bad day or you just need to talk to someone she is your girl. And then the next time you talk to her she will ask you about the previous situation and make sure it all worked out. She just really cares about the people in her life and everyone really cares about her. She is so sweet and hilarious. Oh my dear I miss her already!

I am so proud of her. She is do dedicated and willing to serve the Lord. There are not very many people that I think will make a better missionary than Eliza. She is going to love the people of Russia and they are going to love her right back. And although I am so excited for this experience for her I am already counting down the days until she comes home. 

Love you Liz! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Who knew that penguins were the funniest thing to ever grace the earth?


And if you really want to have fun you will look at the slideshow that this gif came from. Too good.

Lights is number 22 and you know I like her.

Plus the running duck is probably the best thing to grace this earth.

Hopefully this will make finals a little easier...ok it won't but it might make you reconsider dropping out of school....ok it won't do that either. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I thought that my goal for March was hard.  I thought that no facebook would be the hardest thing but this no celebrity news is really killing me. 

I just want to go to people magazine online and look at pretty clothes and people that are wearing them. I want to read the people magazine that came in the mail about Will and Kate. I want to know who is going crazy and if anyone is pregnant.

Why am I so obsessed with celebs????

I don't know. But I am. 

And I don't think that I want to get over it. 

Hurry up April! I NEED my celebs!!!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I am pretty sure everyone and their dog has seen this video but it is still the most hilarious thing I have ever seen. 

Like are you kidding me. Who are these people? What is their life about?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kihei cafe

Did you guys think that you were done hearing about hawaii? Oh please. There is no way I could stop talking about Hawaii. 

This is the Kihei Cafe.

If you are in need of breakfast this is the only place I will recommend. 

And as you can tell it is a very popular. 

I am OBSESSED with this place. It is so worth waiting in line forever and sitting outside with chickens walking around. 

I mean, just look at that french toast!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bridal shower

So I have this friend. Her name is Brooke. She is very rude and decided to get married. 

Apparently that is something people do? 

But she had a bridal shower and lets just say it was the bomb diggity. 

(yes I just said bomb diggity)

Aren't we just the cutest? 

I am OBSESSED with this girl and truly I can not wait for her wedding. She let me go wedding dress shopping with her and let me tell you, her dress is out of this world. It is fabulous. 

Brookie, I am so happy for you and Justin. You are going to make a lovely bride and an amazing wife. You're the best!!!

Your ring is also the best and probably looks better on my hand. #sorrynotsorry

Love you Brooke!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


This weekend was General Conference for the LDS church.

General Conference is when the leaders of our church prepare talks and then share them with the whole church on topics they have been inspired to share to help the members of the church.

It is really wonderful to be able to hear from these inspired men and women and learn what they would have us do. 

Usually I just watch at home with my family but I was able to go down to the conference center this year with my friend and her family. 

I LOVE going to conference. It is really nice to be dressed up and to be in the presence of the prophet. the spirit is just so strong. 

I was especially lucky because I got to go to the Saturday Afternoon session which is where they ask the congregation for their sustaining vote for the general authorities. I have never been able to physically raise my hand while in the presence of the prophet and sustain him as my leader. I feel so so grateful for this amazing opportunity.

I am so blessed to have this chance to attend conference and to hear these talks that are going to be so helpful in my life. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Fancy Friday

Sometimes I have the funnest friends.

Me and Austin planned to go play tennis but our plans kept getting delayed and then finally he said "lets just dress up fancy and go to dinner!"

Thus Fancy Friday was born.

You know I am always down for fancy dress. You also know I was very serious about this cause I wore lipstick and high heels. What???

Don't we just look smashing?

The food didn't look too bad either.

It was so fun to just be dressed super fancy. We also tried to act fancy but if you know me and Austin then you know we are not very fancy at all and maybe we say yolo every other word (and by we I mean me)

We still had a lovely time. Everyone should have a fancy friday. 

Just put on your highest heels and off you go!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Let me introduce you all to my one true love in life.

I am very serious when I say that I would be completely happy being single for the rest of my life if I could have a Jaws fish taco every day.

I am not exaggerating at all. 

I am legitametelly obsessed. I probably had this 7 out of the 10 days I was in Hawaii. And keep in mind that we don't eat out on Sundays so that means I basically had one every day I could. 

Wow fattie again. 

Let me tell you all the best part. I went the the taco truck one day and the owners had a put up a sign that said "Wes Welker is now a Denver Bronco". I quickly asked if they were broncos fans and they said "of course we are!"

I just about died. The people that run the truck not only make the best food on the planet, they also cheer for the best football team. Just when I thought life couldn't get any better it did.

Go Broncos! And go fish tacos!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ok, let me ask you all something. Did you think it was possible to cry over a pin on pintrest? 

And not even like a sentimental or emotional pin. A pin of food.

This pin to be exact.

Now it wouldn't be that weird for me to cry over food. Cause food is dang good. But this had nothing to do with the food.

This was pinned by my best friend in the world. And as soon as I saw it I thought "oh! Me and Lauren should definitely make this! We should spend like all summer making yummy food." And then I remembered that Lauren is going on a mission.

And I burst into tears. 

I called her right away and told her the situation and then she said "oh I totally understand, I was crying too. And by the way I am leaving on June 12th instead of the 26th"

That just pushed me right over the edge. 

I know that she is making the right choice but why does it have to be so hard??? Why does she have to leave me? Why does it have to feel like this?

I already miss her. 

Monday, April 1, 2013


Is it just me or was March the longest month ever???

Facebook has missed me.

I was so so happy for April 1st to come.

But at the same time I was kind of sad about it. I liked not having Facebook as a constant distraction for me, but I definitely realized the huge benefit that Facebook has. Luckily my friends knew I wouldn't be checking my Facebook so they purposefully invited me to things that they had sent out the invitations to on Facebook. I think this was actually a really helpful thing for me because it helped me to realize that I don't NEED Facebook but that it does have some good benefits.

And let me just say I will never go off Facebook again because Ivy posted literally every picture of Ian Somerhalder ever on my timeline and if you know me then you know he is the vein of my existence

(ps. I know that it is bane of my existence. Its just an inside joke...)

Oh and it is someone's birthday today (you know who you are) and I just want to test them and see if they actually read the blog. So if you are reading then you better tell me that you read this.