Thursday, March 21, 2013


First off, let me say that the thing I missed most while in Hawaii was my blog. Pathetic? Probably. But true.

I gained at least 15 pounds in Hawaii. I am not kidding. I ate like a maniac and I am not even mad about it. Every single treat I ate was so so worth it.


First of all, let me brag about this picture. I am obsessed with it for some reason. 

Anyways, this is Lapert's ice cream. It is literally a gift from heaven. I am not exaggerating. We go there so much when we are in Hawaii that we get frequent visitor cards and we always fill them up. 

Sometimes we try and make ourselves feel better about eating so much ice cream by walking there, but usually we just accept that we will one day be obese.

This is a stick donut. 

And this is my whole family eating stick donuts. And by eating I mean fighting to see who can shove the most in their mouth before anyone else can get any.

These are the best donuts on the earth. I have had donuts from Camden market and I thought those were the best but these ones are literally the best. 

From the picture above you might think we just bought one bag with two sticks in it and shared like a normal family would. But we bought a bag with three (one was already gone before I could get a picture) ate that bag in about 7.3 seconds and bought another bag with 6 in it. 

Ok fatties.

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  1. hahaha i love this! you should love that pic of the ice cream cone, because it is awesome! it just screams summer and happiness. like for real. and your family is definitely not the only one out there that behaves like this... so don't even worry. hahaha