Friday, March 1, 2013


New month. New goal.

If you follow along here (who am I kidding, there are like two people that read this blog and they obviously follow along) you will know that I am doing a new goal every month. 

And this month is no facebook.....

I am scared. Like really scared. 

February didn't go so well so I am looking forward to a new start. 

So do we think I can do it???

I check Facebook at least 7 times a day and I don't know what I will do without it. Probably cry. But it will be good for me.

If you need to reach me just tweet me (again, who am I kidding? Anyone that reads this probably knows me in real life and can just text me but still tweet me! Its my favorite activity.)

See ya never Facebook!


  1. I just thought about Facebooking you about something funny, but then I read this.

  2. Anna, I believe in you! I am watching your facebook like a hawk-makin sure all those hackers stay away and checkin for engagements/births/pregnancies/deaths/mission calls like crazy. Nothin yet, but it's only the third, so I know it's gonna get crazy real quick.