Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Wow. Sometimes I wonder how many times I can name my posts the same things. I try to have a theme where my blog posts are just one word and that leads to a lot of repetition. (I know you thought I was just lazy with my blog titles but that is not the case)

Well in another post titled hair I showed you what my hair looks like. Well it is not quite so curly...ok, not curly at all. Except those ugly little things around my face. 

But the texture is not the point, look at the color. Kind a boring, right?

Well I have never colored my hair before but I am really feeling the need to change. And since the only other change I can think of is to go on a spontaneous trip I am being financially responsible and thinking about dying my hair.

I think this is the look I want to go for.

What do you guys think? I am kind of obsesssed with this color. Like the tint of red but still brown. 

Do we think it will work on me???

I need opinions here people!


  1. I think you'd look very pretty with that color. Might be worth having a consultation with a hair stylist to see how it would end up on your hair and if she thinks your hair could be changed that way. There's always demi-permanent or semi-permanent that washes out!

  2. love it girl!! you would look great!

  3. You can pull it off for sure. If I can pull off super dark hair, you can pull off some highlights and red.