Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I am OBSESSED with goats. I did a whole post on it here.

And I found a whole field full of goats in Makawao!!!!!!

At first I was happy just seeing this very hungry goat. 

Look how desperate she is??? I wanted to feed her but she wasn't as cute a pygmy goat. I love pygmy goats.

But what I love more is baby goats. 

I literally died when I saw this little baby. I was almost crying. 

Oh mylanta. I can not even handle it. 

Is everyone as excited about this as I am???????

His little face. Oh. I would have taken him with me but I couldn't find a way cause the fence had barbed wire on top. It will forever be my life's biggest disappointment that I had to leave him behind. I am still crying about it.


  1. hahaha this might be the best post I have ever read. these are the cutest things, and i am dying!

  2. You can find Irish Diving Goats in Memphis, just saying.