Friday, March 22, 2013

Concrete Wall

So I said that I was just going to start posting generally favorite things and here I am yet again resorting to music. But I literally can not stop listening to this song. Maybe I have told you about it before?

"You make me want to throw this shoe right through that concrete wall"

Now I am not saying that are people in my life that are making me seriously consider throwing shoes not only at a wall but also at their faces...but I am also not saying that there aren't...

Sometimes people really just don't get it. Like please just stop!!!

So if I am ever doing something super frustrating to you please tell me, I won't be mad. 

Also, a good way to get out your anger is toilet papering...its like the only thing I can think to do to people that I am mad at. Yes I am 14 years old. 

(and to clarify, just because I always threaten to toilet paper people I haven't done that since like senior year. But let me tell you I was good at it)

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