Thursday, February 21, 2013


Twitter is probably my favorite activity. Yes it is an activity. This week twitter has been very kind to me.

First of all, I tweeted about my favorite movie (The Young Victoria) and guess who followed me.... Prince Albert. He came back from the dead just for me!!! I always knew he was the perfect man.

Then one of my favorite people to follow on twitter started tweeting again after too long of a break (if you want to know who it is I will gladly tell you but I got to keep it on the down low)

If you thought it couldn't get better it just did. My amazing little Courtney sent me this text and I have never been happier

Here comes the kicker. I have told everyone about this blog and his snuggie texts. Well I have spent a lot of time trying to read that blog through the tears of laughter and then I saw something on pintrest I had to share with him. So I tweeted him. Ahhhhhh!!

And then look what happened!

I m basically a celebrity now.

So if you have twitter and don't follow me yet, lets get on that. Cause isn't it just the best???

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  1. HAHAH! This is the best thing ever. I wish I could describe to you the amounts of jealousy of feel due to the fact that snuggie boy is following you on twitter! You basically are the coolest person I know. Basically.