Monday, February 4, 2013


First of all, sorry. This is the beginning of a long string of kind of deep posts I have scheduled. I will definitely not be mad if you don't even want to read them.

That being said,

I was cheering for the 49ers yesterday. Well what I wanted to happen was quite complicated but in the end I wanted the 49ers to win. I wasn't super invested in the game but they were who I was supporting. As we all know, that did not happen. And truly it was a heartbreaking game for them. They made such a great comeback and then lost it in the end. (and honestly there were some terrible calls from the refs and a certain DB on the 49ers ruined the whole game...but that's not important)

So I cheered and cheered and stressed and in the end they lost. Not the first time I have experienced a big football loss this year. Let's just say that the Broncos should have been in the Super Bowl. And when they lost in the playoffs it was in quite dramatic fashion and my poor little tear ducts couldn't handle it....yes I cried over a football game. Pathetic, I know.

After that loss I was really really mad at the opposing team but in the end I just accepted the fact and moved on with my life. The only person that I got mad at was my brother because he kept gloating in my face. And he is a Ravens fan so you can only imagine the mocking I had to endure. 

In the past I have been really bad at rubbing salt in the wound when someone's sports team loses to mine. Like really very rude. But more recently I have realized that it isn't worth it. One game isn't worth making my friends and family mad at me. In the past few years I have been very cautious not to hurt other people after their sports team loses because I know how badly it hurts. 

I know what it feels like when BYU beats Utah in the final seconds of a football game and then the worst part is having to put up with everyone harassing you about it for days. 

So all I am saying is that it is great to cheer for your team and be so so happy that they won. I fully support that! Go out and have a wonderful time celebrating that your team won and that they had a good season. But please, do not say that the other team sucks and that their fans suck. Because honestly, if the team you just beat sucks, doesn't that diminish your win and mean you only did slightly better than sucking?

So even though this may sound very biased and that I am only trying to get people to be nice to me, I am tough and I have endured a lot of sporting ridicule and I can banter right back with you. But other people might not be as tough and if you are not careful with what you say you could really ruin a friendship.

So just be kind. And not just about sports. I think kindness is really missing from this world and everyone should make a huge effort to try and bring it back. 

Just be kind.


  1. That is how I feel too. Like when Max Hall said his comments. He just won, did he seriously just say those things?

  2. You are wonderful. Your post reminded me of the following talk:
    Basically, you're as cool as an apostle.

  3. That is a great quote and surprisingly one that I haven't heard of before. It really is inspiring and a great way to remain positive :)