Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Yesterday I admitted to crying following a football game so now I have no shame about admitting my tendency to cry at the silliest things. Let me tell you something that was not silly and definitely made me cry.

After that commercial aired everyone was like "oh that was sweet" and meanwhile I am basically sitting in the corner with tears running down my face.

Very embarrassing. 

First of all, I have wanted a Clydesdale my whole entire life. Most little girls want to like be a princess or have a new fancy dress but I just wanted that horse. I am pretty sure I have asked for a Clydesdale more than any other thing. So that always makes me emotional and a little bitter that I don't have one. Also, some of us have had horses that we loved with all our heart and then we have had to part with them so it was very tender for me. 

But still embarrassing...


  1. This happened to me too! And then my mom was like, "oh, I missed that one, let's rewind and watch it again." I had to go get some more food because I just couldn't watch it again.

  2. When I saw this commercial, I thought, "100% chance my mom is crying right now." And then she posted it on her wall and said she cried and I thought, "I knew it!" Good commercial though.