Thursday, January 3, 2013


A few weeks ago I opened up my blinds to a surprise.
Someone had left me some lovely snowflakes on my window. I probably should have been a little concerned but what kind of weird peeping tom would leave snowflakes this pretty??
This is very unlike me, the girl who has to know everything about everyone, but I wasn't really concerned about who had put them there.
I was just happy that someone had thought of me and had put the effort into making some snowflakes and putting them on my window. I just felt like an overwhelming sense of love from whoever had put those on my window. I know it may seem like a tiny little gesture but to me it was huge.
A few days later the lovely Suzie texted me and said "Lest you think you have a stalker...those snowflakes are from me. Just a little Christmas cheer."
I was ecstatic. Like never been so happy. Sarah can attest because she was sitting next to me when I got the text.
Suzie, you are the best. Literally the best. I am beyond depressed that I won't get to spend every Tuesday night with you anymore. Don't you dare forget that we promised we would still be friends. You are wonderful and awesome!!!!! It meant more to me than you will ever know!

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