Thursday, January 17, 2013


So sometime last month I posted that Austin only had one more month left on his mission. But that was just a guess. He really had about 6 weeks left. I finally learned that when I stopped being a baby and facebook messaged his sister. 

Once I found out the exact day he was getting home, I had to make a paper chain.

I mean, was there really any other option?

And since that was so fun. I decided to make one for Taft. 

But I didn't really think about the fact that he doesn't get home until May...and that is a lot more days.

But I am crazy and I made it all. 

And boy was it long. 

I hung it up in my closet but it was blocking me from getting my clothes so I think I am going to get rid of it.

I will probably just get an app on my phone...much easier.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Austin gets home today!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. i used to love those silly little chains, but man they are fun to make haha! Love your blog, and congrats on your missionaries coming home! Thats the best!!

  2. How about we make a chain for the next time we are going to see each other!

  3. I would like to skype with you soon.