Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I sincerely apologize for beating this point into the ground by Darcy is the worst.
For reference here are my other rants.
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I recently watched the the Kiera Knightley Pride & Prejudice with my parents
(Yes I have the coolest life ever)
Luckily my mom agrees with me and thinks the Darcy in that version is the worst. I mean Colin Firth can pull it off. But Matthew Macfadyen is doing nothing but making us all mad.
During that craptastic scene where he is walking through the field towards Elizabeth with his heinous chest hair showing he says "I lo, lov, love. I love you"
And my hilarious mother said "Is he coughing up a hairball or telling her he loves her??"
I literally fell on the floor laughing.
Now I know exactly where my disdain for him comes from. And I love it. My mom is the best!
But I will say something positive about that movie. Stourhead is the most beautiful place on earth and I am so glad they used it in the movie.
Now Courtney can't be mad that I am bashing her precious Darcy cause I know she likes Stourhead too.
I promise I won't post another bashing post about Darcy...for at least two months...

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