Thursday, December 27, 2012


So one time I bought a camera.
I wrote all about it here.
I was trying to decide between two and I decided to go with the d5100. And one of the positives of that camera is that you can flip the screen around and take self portraits. Cause if you take your self portraits with a nice camera it is not as tacky as taking them with your iphone.
I never thought I would hear those words come out of my mouth. And you might wish they never did when I show you these pictures.
Lets just say I was bored...
Yes I was trying on every hat that I owned and I thought this one made me look a little amish.

Weird that I make the same face in every picture....

I thought my hair looked kind of cute...?
You might be noticing that I am wearing a different outfit in every maybe I take one of these every day. Is that a problem?
I am laughing so hard just looking at these pictures. The fact that I am even posting these after I posted all those horrible snapchats is astonishing.

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  1. Haha! This makes me so happy. And we def have the same camera now! Isn't it fantastic!?