Sunday, December 16, 2012


There is some "protest" that involves women wearing pants to church today. I am going to tell you why I will not be wearing pants.
Let me first say, wearing pants to church is not a big deal at all. I do not care what people wear to church as long as it is not offensive to anyone around them. All over the world people wear pants to church every week. There is nothing wrong with wearing pants but when we are wearing them in protest then I have an issue with it.
I do not feel like I am not equal with the men of the Church. I think that we are just different. Actually, I know that we are different. That is a key point in the Gospel. Men and women are different. And if you believe that they can be totally the same, then I think there are some bigger issues with your participation in the Church.
Secondly, Church is in no way shape or form the appropriate place to protest. I go to church to improve myself and hopefully help those around me. I go to be spiritually uplifted and I do not think a protest is going to do anything good for my spirit.
If you think that the men at church that see you wearing pants are going to be able to change anything in the church then you are sorely mistaken. The only person that has the authority to change things in the Church is God. I know that He cares about all the little things in your life and if you feel that there is a problem with equality then take that issue to the Lord. But do not do it in a public space. Do it in private with just you and the Lord. Pray to your Heavenly Father about this. I promise He will help you find a solution to this problem.
If you feel like you are not being treated equally in your ward or branch then I am very sorry for you. But you need to realize that you are not being treated unfairly by the Church in general or by the Gospel. You are being treated that way by the people in your area. The people in the church are not perfect, but I can promise you that the Gospel is.

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