Friday, December 7, 2012


First off, a small disclaimer from the post yesterday, I also have a serious lack of patience for people that make me wait around for them and that is not going to change.
I you think that it is appropriate to disrespect my time then I am not ok with that. But that's beside the point.
Something I am ok with is Grease. I am literally obsessed with it. Ever since I started watching the Glee episodes that were featuring Grease songs I knew I had to watch it.
And believe me, you will not regret watching it. It is brilliant. I love it.
Can't even handle how good it is.
Love love love.
So here is a song for you. Because who doesn't love Grease?
But as much as I love it I can't not say that the moral of the story is awful. She totally changes herself to be with him. Ridiculous....doesn't make me love it any less...
And watch this one too. The cheesiness kills me. His image in a kiddie pool. Laughing so hard.

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