Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Before my grandparents come home from Hawaii we like to go to their house and put up their Christmas tree and decorations. Cause we are nice like that.
I took my camera cause I didn't really want to decorate and taking pictures is way more fun.
Especially when these cute kids are involved.

Look at those faces! They melt me. Right into a puddle.
Here are some people that were actually decorating.
You can't tell but that tree was giving them some serious issues.
So I just walked away from those issues and played with the babies.
Things got serious when we started decorating.
And by serious I mean artsy.

There is something about pine needles that I love. Who even knows why.
I think by the end the tree looked pretty good. And my 24 likes on instagram would say so too.
And once we were done it was time for a nap.


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