Thursday, November 1, 2012


On Tuesday I went to my baby sister's Halloween program. Is she not the best vampire princess you have ever seen???
Very fierce. (and she came up with the idea all on her own!)
What a sweet baby girl. I just want to hug her face off all day.
On Halloween I was a little bored and ended up handing out candy for like two hours. Which is probably the worst thing ever. How do the kids know to come to your door literally the second you sit down???
All I wanted to do was watch Flipping Out! I can't help it if I want Jeff Lewis to be my best friend and I just think we would get along really well.
But I got around to going to a party. And lets just say I was the best flapper anyone has ever seen. I mean look at that.
And it doesn't matter if the feathers may have been hot glued to my hair accidentally....
Also, that dress is literally the most unflattering thing I have ever worn. And it was like an accordion.
But not as jealous as you are of the airbrushed tattoo I got...
I can't help it if I pick the best tattoos.
And although I may have put together the best flapper costume in five minutes, no one will ever be able to compare with Andrew and Laurel's costume.
I still can not stop laughing.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!!!

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