Monday, October 8, 2012


The Utes hosted USC last week!!! And honestly it was kind of a rough game. The Utes had a few chance to keep it close but it just wasn't meant to be. Also, the refs were terrible. But I hate blaming things on the refs. So lets just say the Utes were outplayed.
And let's get onto the important thing here
Matt Barkley!!!!
(number 7)
And if you can spot him in this next picture I will be very impressed.
You probably could not care less about Matt Barkely but for me, seeing the best quarterback in college in real life. It doesn't get much better.
And it doesn't hurt that he is pretty cute...
I may or may not be obsessed. But don't take that to mean I was cheering for the Trojans. I was definitely not!
In other news our section of seats was very popular.
This ESPN guy just stood there forever and then decided to walk away without filming us.
Then swoop stopped by for a little visit. 
We also got to see my neighbor (in the white hat) talking to my favorite Ute player of last year. John Cullen. Think they will become friends so I can meet him???
And I couldn't end this post without throwing in another picture of Matt getting interviewed after the game. If only I has rushed the field this week....

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