Tuesday, October 23, 2012


My weekend started off at Jordan High School watching my Uncle coach the Ogden Tigers girls soccer team play their semi-final game. Sadly they lost to Park City. (Park City is one of my least favorite high schools. Sorry I can't give up old rivals)
But never fear, the soccer wasn't over. Waterford (my high school and my siblings current school) was playing next. My wonderful, brilliant, lovely, and talented cousin Emi is a starter. And did I mention she is only a sophmore???
(my cousin Bethan plays too but she tore her MCL earlier in the season so she was injured. Sad)
Waterford easily won and that means the next day we were at
Rio Tinto.
To watch them try to beat St Joes for the second year in a row.
It was a tough game. St Joes scored early and it looked like Waterford wasn't going to be able to come back. But those girls fought so hard and they finally scored a goal. But by the end of regulation it was tied. And at the end of overtime it was tied.
You all know what that means....
Penalty kicks.
Penalty shots are literally the worst. It puts so much pressure on the poor goalie. Its not her fault her team couldn't score more.
So stressful!!!
But it didn't seem to effect Miles very much....
The Waterford goalie was able to make some INCREDIBLE saves and the Waterford girls scored their goals!
So they won!!!!
I am so proud of those girls!!! They worked so hard and they really deserved it.
Back to back champions.
Emi I am so so proud of you. You work so hard and I am so glad that your hard work paid off. You are so talented and amazing I can not even believe it.
And Bethan, I know you are injured so you couldn't play but you are still amazing. Don't you worry, your turn will come soon enough and I know you will be just as good.
I love you both so much!!!
And the day ended with a sunset. So how could you not be happy?

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