Tuesday, October 2, 2012


So I have some really lovely friends in every part of my life. But the friends from my study abroad are on a whole different level.

Ivy is probably my soul mate. We are the same person in so many ways it is scary. She also makes me laugh harder than anyone on this planet.  Plus if you saw the things we sent each other on facebook you would want to be us.

The other day I was having kind of a rough day and I got the most hilarious snapchat from Lex. I texted her about it and she just listened to me vent and helped me find some solutions to my issues.

I know that Lyssa will always make me laugh.

Eliza melts my heart wit the pictures she sends me. She is also going on a mission and her blog post about it made me sob like a baby because I am going to miss that girl too much.

Brooke is too beautiful for her own good and our conversations kill me.

Donna makes lunch my favorite meal of the month.

I would die in some of my classes if the gorgeous Sarah wasn't there to break up the monotony.

Courtney makes my whole day so much happier. You should see our snapchats if you don't believe me

And these are just some tiny examples of all of the wonderful things these ladies do for me.

I literally don't know what I would do without and I miss every single one of you every day

London Ladies for Life!

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