Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last Saturday was the Utah vs Byu game. It still seems odd to have to game so early in the season but I'm not mad.
We got to the game really early so we saw the team doing their warm ups and stuff.
It was an intense game. Mostly defense. But that is because Utah has one of the best defenses around. And that it not just me saying that, the pros say it too.
Anyways, it was crazy and the refs were out of control and made some seriously terrible calls. As always there were a few little skirmishs but when doesn't that happen at a rivalry game?
But in the end Utah won!!!! Or so we thought...
All the fans rushed the field and everyone was celebrating until the Refs decided that there need to be one more second on the clock. So all the fans had to go off to the sidelines and watch byu attempt a field goal.
And of course Utah blocked the field goal!!!! So we thought the Utes won again!!!
But then the refs went on a power trip and decided that the fans rushed the field while the play was still alive so the Utes got a penalty and Byu got to attempt another closer field goal.
Then it hit the side of the field goal post and didn't go in!
So now the Utes really won!
It was so so ridiculous that the refs tried their best to help byu win but yet they could not. I think this picture expresses everything perfectly. 
It was a good game and it was the perfect way to end the last byu game in rice eccles until at least 2016.
Go utes!!!!

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