Tuesday, September 25, 2012

US Open.

As I mentioning in this post watching the US Open reminded me of my love for Andy Murray. Now I have been a constant supporter of both of the Andy's (Murray and Roddick). But I will be the first to admit that they were both being very frustrating to me.
I was getting very very sick of only cheering for people that never win when I want them to. But then Andy Roddick announced his retirement and I got way too emotional.
Andy was my first tennis love. I have been cheering for him from the beginning of my tennis watching career. And I even cried when he lost Wimbledon to Roger a few years ago.
And although I love his tennis playing with all my heart I get so mad at him it is not even funny. If you have ever watched a sporting event with me then you know how intense I can get. And Andy's tennis matches may be the most intense besides a close Utah vs Byu football game.
Anyways, watching his last match was far too emotional for me and I am just pretending that he didn't actually retire.
Then we get on to the second Andy. Andy Murray has been close to pushing Andy Roddick out of the top spot in my heart for a long time. And I guess he has succeeded now.
He finally won a major!!! I have only been waiting forever for this to happen! (as displayed in this post)
And yet again I cried while watching him win.
Lets just say this was a very emotional tournament for me. And you better bet that I LOVED every minute of it.

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