Sunday, September 9, 2012


So remember when I posted about my blackberry and the troubles it was giving me? Well as I also mentioned it died. The trackball stopped working and the battery life was already terrible.

So I cried myself to sleep and went to get a new phone. It took some convincing but I ended up with an iPhone. And I am posting this post from my phone! So that is exciting but I still miss my blackberry.

I miss the keyboard. I miss the not touch screen. I miss being able to do everything I want to do without having to do a google search.

I missed it so much that I instagrammed about it. Yes that's right. I have an instagram now and I am OBSESSED! So follow along. If you want. My name is annasteiner6. I also love snapchat so if you like that and want me to send you ugly pictures let me know. Cause I love it!

Oh the pros and cons of life...

( Excuse the formatting if this post i am mad that the blogger app doesn't have very many formatting tools. I guess I will have I stick with the computer if I want my blog to look good)

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