Monday, September 17, 2012


Ok ok ok. I know I blog way too much about hashtags. But who doesn't love a good hashtag?
And let me just put this out there. I have no idea where I am going with this post. I am just typing. So heaven knows where this will go.
I am legitimately obsessed with hashtags. I love them. I tweet them. I instagram them. I text them. And yes, I even use them in real life.
I have this theory that hashtags make you smarter. Because you have to be smart enough to separate the words out. So really it is like excercise. Plus I promise it makes your conversations one million times better.
I guarantee that you will love them if you start using them. Unless of course you're friends start thinking you are weird and say #seeyanever. But I am sure that will not happen.
Speaking of #seeyanever, that is by far my favorite hashtag and my favorite thing to say.
Here are a few of my other favorites.

Also, people might tell you that hashtags are supposed to be short, but to anyone that says that I say #seeyanever. So you can tell them that and I know they will change their mind.

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