Thursday, September 6, 2012


So this may come as a shock to anyone that knows me, but my sweet baby blackberry is having some issues.
(but if you bring this up around any of my iphone loving friends I will deny it to the end of the earth)
Anyways, where was I? Oh yes, my blackerry is not being too nice to me right now. And since my dad said that we have an upgrade at Sprint I can go get a new phone anytime I want.
But do I want to....?
My blackberry has been so good to me, and lets be honest, I like to be different from everyone and their dog that has an iphone.
So I probably won't get an iphone....but having instagram wouldn't be the worst thing on the earth.
Oh what a dilemma I am in. Should I get a new phone? Or should I just stick it out with my lovely blackberry?

Additional info: I wrote this post earlier in the week when my phone was being fine. But you will never guess what happened phone totally died and hates me. I don't know if my phone knew I was trying to get rid of it or what. But I feel like this is Karma?

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  1. Regarding your dilemma, I suggest you stick to your Blackberry phone, Anna. If you look at the big picture, your Blackberry offers a lot more pros than cons. Just think how easy it is to communicate with your friends using the BBM, or how easy it is to access Gmail using your mobile internet browser. Throw in the fact that your BB is actually able to last a couple of days, and you’ve got a great phone!

    Samantha Cole