Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I obviously go through phases on my blog. Sometimes I can not find even one thing to write about and other times the words are just flowing out of my fingers.
And right now they are flowing like the Mississippi.
Maybe it is the fact that I just want everyone to know what I am doing. Or I feel particularly funny so I can't help but share all my witty thoughts.
So here are some of my thoughts (but I can't promise they will be witty)
- I am currently watching the US open and remembering my deep love for Andy Murray. As if I could every forget it.
-My favorite Real Madrid beat Barcelona today! I didn't get to watch it because I was being a good student but winning is winning.
- Utah football starts tomorrow and I am basically jumping out of my skin with excitement!
- I am far too OBSESSED with sports for my own good.
- My room is in desperate need of some organizing. It has been on my to do list for two weeks and yet it never seems to get done...
- #hashtagtexting is my favorite activity. You would be surprised how good I am at creating hilarious hashtags.
- Carpooling to school with Andrew is my second favorite activity. The things that boy comes up with are constantly blowing my mind.
- My blog has been having a serious lack of pictures lately and I apologize.
- I just ran out of thoughts and I am 98% sure that no one read through all of those thoughts.

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