Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Diego Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo may be my favorite place on earth. If you have read my blog before you will know how much I love going to the zoo. So you can only imagine how much I love going to one of the best zoo in the world!

So there isn't really too much I can say about the zoo except that I loved it. So I will just share some fun pictures. Because who wants to read what I have to write about the animals when you can just look at a picture?

4 week old baby giraffe = cutest thing I have ever seen

None of my family even believed this was a real animal. It looks like a mix between a kangaroo and  a deer and that is very confusing to me.

Also this is a lizard without legs. I am not a fan.

Can I tell you what I am a fan of .....?


Have you ever seen a panda in real life? Cause I have.

Wow that was incredibly rude and braggy of me (is braggy a word?). But I was just so so so so so so happy to see a panda!

Hooray for pandas!

I mean, who doesn't love pandas??

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