Tuesday, July 17, 2012


So I am addicted to the bachelorette and I just can't hold it in any longer.

I watch it religiously every week. It is just too good not to watch.

And I have been a big fan of emily all season until last week she made the worst choice ever. Sean was definitely the right guy for her and since I am the authority on her love life she should have listened to me.


Now I am all about Jef but I think he would be better suited with someone that understands Salt Lake. AKA me.

And Arie is the worst. Ever since his hometown date he has been bugging me so badly. So so annoying. But I am 98% sure that she picks him. Dang.

(I dislike Arie so much that I won't even post a picture of him)

But here is one of Kalon!


If I am really being honest the best guy on the whole show was Kalon. I know he was a jerk to emily but I don't have any kids so I don't have any "baggage"



  1. Wait are you being serious about Kalon?
    and i'm with you on the arie thing - i hope she picks jef on sunday but im almost certains he wont

    1. There is just something I really really like about Kalon. I know he is a super jerk but I can't help myself haha.