Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birthday week.

Its Birthday Week at our house (or at least I like to think that it is).
Maisie's birthday is tomorrow and mine is on friday.

And while I am really really excited for my birthday I am a little sad that not all my favorite people are going to be here.

Taft is most definitely the person that I miss the most. I mean who wouldn't miss that creepy face and those stylish sandals??

I really didn't think I would be able to survive with him being on his mission. As his mom said the night before he left "you two have never really been apart." And it is too true. But this is my last birthday until you come home! Happy thought.

It is really sad that this is the best picture I can find of me and Austin.  He also left me to go on a mission. He is probably the number 1 funnest person I have ever met and I can't wait for him to come back. Lets just say that if I happened to get a letter from him on my birthday I wouldn't complain.

This is by far my favorite picture of Ivy. It is like the perfect description of her. Plus it has cristiano and no one dislikes a picture with cristiano in it.

Ivy just got mad at me for inviting her to my birthday when I knew she couldn't come. Ivy you can't be mad at me because if I had to pick one person to come to my birthday it would be you! Its like almost impossible to function without seeing you everyday. Remember when you went to Prague and I went crazy, well I have gotten way more crazy since then.

I miss way more people than just those three but if I wrote about all of them we would be here all day. And no one wants that.

Oh and keep in mind, I am still accepting birthday presents haha.

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