Friday, May 4, 2012


All I can say is "Come On Fulham!"

We got to go to a Fulham soccer match. It was such a blast.

We were sitting on the 4th row! We were so close I could not even believe it.

The best cheer we heard all night was "If you hate Chelsea stand up. If you hate Chelsea stand up. If you hate Chelsea stand up". These soccer fans were really into it. I have never experienced that much intensity.

I mean. Look at the goalie. He is ready to rumble.

Chelsea got a very stupid penelty and then scored at the end of the first half. All of the fans were outraged and it made the rest of the half very unhappy.

Except Eliza, she is very happy always. Gotta love her

(oh and miss her dearly. Eliza we need to hang out the minute I get home)

Clint Dempsey scored for Fulham off an awesome corner kick. And of course he is American.

We had the best time ever. It was definitely worth sitting in the freezing cold pouring rain for two hours. 

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