Friday, May 11, 2012


So I had to go to the bank. I drove to the bank and they didn't have any checking account deposit slips (what kind of a bank doesn't have any deposit slips???). So I had to drive all the way to another bank.

I was not very happy by the time I got there and I was semi embarrassed cause lets just say I spent almost all of my money while I was in London. I thought it was going to be an utter failure trip to the bank until the teller asked if I need anything else and when I said no thank you he replied with "Awesome Possum"

I thought that was so hilarious. Does anyone even say that anymore?? That comment really made my day. I am 98% positive that I will never see that bank teller again since it wasn't my normal bank but it was still the highlight of my day.

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  1. That is awesome. And I say, "Awesome possum" quite often, as well as "okey dokey artichokey" and such things.