Friday, May 18, 2012


So flight attendants are weird people.

That may not be the kindest way to start out a post but it is true. Most people hate traveling with a passion but they do it for their job...all while serving cranky people.

You have to be a little weird to do that.

On my flight from New York and Salt Lake there was the peppiest and most cheerful flight attendent I have ever seen in my whole life. She was so cheery it made me a little bit happier about the situation I was in.

I was tired, felt sick to my stomach the whole flight, and really just wanted to be home, but just the fact that she was so happy made me feel better.

I would probably rather do most anything other than be a flight attendent, but I think that the point of this post is me saying that I want to be the type of person that flight attendent was. I want to make people feel happy. And to make them feel better about their lives.

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